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Become an Owner

Can you think of a business that has no stock, very little paper work, deals in cash, delivers more profit the harder you work and, at the date of retirement, is a solid capital investment?

A business that will survive even in times of severe economic downturn?

Consider a Yellow Cab.... turn on the ignition key and you're at work!

Any person, partnership, company, trust or superannuation fund can own a Taxi Service Licence subject to the granting of Operator Accreditation by Queensland Transport.    
Yellow Cabs maintains a register of licences for sale and prospective buyers, just as we also have on record licences for lease and prospective lessors.    
You may wish to drive the cab yourself, with or without the help of other drivers, or you may simply wish to let Yellow manage a lease for you, using your licence and delivering to you a net profit figure on a monthly basis.    
Either way, you'll have regular income now with a guaranteed 'nest-egg' at retirement.    
For more information - please phone Andrew or John on (07) 3391 2008