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Driverless Cabs for Brisbane


Sorry if you fell for our April Fools hoax! 

But as taxi industry leaders we are always interested in the development of technology for public safety and efficiency, so driverless cars have got us thinking… 

How can a vehicle without a professional person on board look after the loading and unloading of shopping, luggage or assist the elderly and those with special needs? 

Today there are no sensors or scanners that can predict pedestrian behaviour like someone that has been through a defensive driving course like our drivers at Yellow Cabs. 

We will always adopt new technology when it is proven but not at the expense of service delivery to the community.

Yellow Cabs (Qld) Pty Ltd are thrilled to announce that the first driverless cabs will hit the streets of Brisbane this weekend.

Yellow Cabs will trial the first driverless vehicle this from today following which another two are set to hit the road in early May 2016, joining the 2000 strong fleet.

Yellow Cabs has always been at the cutting edge of technology being the first taxi company in Queensland to launch an app back in 2011. Now we are excited to be the first taxi company in Australia to embrace driverless transport.

With all the current technology already installed in a Yellow Cab, such as cameras and tracking, the integration of the sensor technology needed to make our vehicle autonomous has been relatively straightforward for our technicians. We have also integrated voice recognition technology so passengers can just say their destination to the cab.

Given the nature of these vehicles it will be at the customer’s discretion to use a driverless cab. Customers will be able to hail the driverless vehicle from a rank over the weekend and we will begin to take bookings for the service through the Yellow Cabs app only from Monday in an effort to cope with what we expect to be a high demand for this exciting new service. When passengers get in they simply tell the cab where they would like to go or they can enter their destination through a touch screen.

Then the customer will specify their payment option; for cards a simple swipe will set the meter running, and for cash a deposit into the CASH slot will be required and then the balance will be finalised at the destination.

Other road users will be able to recognise the autonomous cab as it will be clearly marked. During our extensive testing with other vehicles our self-drive cab has performed perfectly.

Once these cabs have proven themselves on the streets of Brisbane they will be rolled out through our other fleets in Warwick, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Bundaberg.

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Mr Bill Parker, General Manager Yellow Cabs Queensland.

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