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No $2 drop-off fee for taxis at airport : BAC


MEDIA RELEASE   15th January 2008

Passengers will not be charged $2.00 to be dropped off at the Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal, despite inaccurate claims by the Queensland Taxi Drivers Association in The Courier-Mail on 15th January 2008 (page 5).

From Wednesday 16th January, taxis have the option to register as a Ground Transport Operator (GTO), providing them with the alternative to pick-up or drop-off pre-booked passengers on Road 2 at the Domestic Terminal. This gives taxi drivers the extra benefit of being able to park and leave their taxi for up to 20 minutes in order to better service their passengers, especially those with special needs.

BAC Corporate Relations Manager Jim Carden said taxi drivers always have, and will still be able to drop off passengers on Road 3 at the Domestic Terminal for free. 

“The opportunity for taxis to register as GTO's is an additional option and it is completely up to the discretion of individual drivers and passengers as to whether or not they choose to use this facility,” Mr Carden said.

“Previously, taxi drivers were allowed access to Road 2 on a trial basis, in an effort to determine the best approach to traffic management at the Domestic Terminal considering the increase in air traffic passenger numbers over the past few years.

“Following the trial it was determined that the road system around the Domestic Terminal will operate most efficiently with the majority of taxis using Road 3. The trial has shown there is sufficient capacity for taxis to drop-off on Road 3.

“This is an inaccurate report in the Courier Mail, which is based on a source that represents less than half a percent of the 12,500 taxi drivers in Queensland,” he said.

The Queensland Taxi Council Chief Executive Officer Blair Davies said Brisbane Airport has the best taxi ranking arrangements in Australia.

“Road 3 has always been the designated drop-off point for the Domestic Terminal. It has been effective in the past and we expect that it should be effective in the future,” he said.

“The Airport has worked with industry, discussing the best arrangements for pick-up and drop-off options for our passengers at the Domestic Terminal before making this change.

“The Courier Mail’s report got it quite wrong.  Taxi passengers will definitely not need to pay more to catch a taxi to the airport.  Moreover, we don’t anticipate that our customers will in any way be adversely effected by the change.”


  • Road 1 is the taxi-rank road closest to the Domestic Terminal
  • Road 2 is the Ground Transport Operators Road
  • Road 3 is the general (including public) pick-up and drop-off road.

Click here to download an informational PDF regarding the changes.

Click here to download a map of the landside traffic area

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