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Think Green, Go Yellow....


Yellow Cabs commitment to the environment is not new. In fact - ever since LPG vehicles have been on the road (late 1970's) - Yellow Cabs has utilised this fuel which in turn has helped with the overall environmental issues as compared with some other fuels.

Some quick facts about LPG (autogas)

  • LPG Cost savings - LPG for vehicles sells for up to 50% less than other fuels.
  • LPG has insignificant levels of sulphur dioxide emissions which is the main cause of acid rain
  • It is one of the most clean and efficient combustion fuels (102+ RON)
  • Amongst the lowest life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of all commercially available fuels.

Now - in the 21st Century - car manufacturers are investigating numerous other alternative fuel sources - like - hydrogen, electric powered and even a vehicle that runs on air.

It is well known that the Toyota Prius Hybrid is one of the more successful mass-produced alternative fuel vehicles, using a combination of traditional petrol power with electric drive.

Yellow Cabs is proud to be 'doing our part' to help the environment and in turn have recently commenced a trial on the Toyota Prius for general taxi use.

The vehicles has been set in a distinctive 'environmental' livery to highlight these vehicles on the road.

Features and appointments in these vehicles are not compromised in any way. They are in fact more appointed than most comparable vehicles in its class.

Some of the vehicles features include :

  • ABS
  • Dual Airbags as standard
  • Head Impact Protection (HIP)
  • Foglights
  • Advanced Aerodynamics 
  • Push Button Start
  • Outstanding Fuel Economy
  • (4.4 litres / 100km)


So how does the vehicle recharge ??

At low speeds, the electric engine gets its power from rechargeable power cells – like very big, very powerful batteries. Whenever you brake or decelerate, the vehicle's kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and used to recharge the power cells. Additionally, whenever the petrol engine is running, it keeps the cells at full charge. What's more, the petrol engine powers a generator which provides electricity to run the electric engine, so you don't use your power cells at all.

No gear changes

Prius gives you perfectly smooth acceleration because there are no gear changes. In fact there’s no manual or auto transmission at all! It's called a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The generator provides continuous control of engine revs – when you want to go faster, the electric engine simply runs faster.

... so Think Green and Go Yellow !!!

more information on the Toyota Prius can be found at

more information on Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive can be found at

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