Fixed Price Fares and Pre Paid Fixed Price Fares

Fixed Price Fares

Yellow Cabs can provide a fixed price fare for your journey.

The benefits of a fixed price fare include:

  • You can budget your money better by knowing the fare upfront
  • You don’t pay for any abnormal waiting time
  • Flagfall and booking fees are included
  • All tolls are included in the fare
  • If the driver needs to divert because of a delay there are no extra charges

Simply ask the Customer Service Agent for a fixed price fare when you book, “You’ll be pleasantly surprised”


Pre-Paid Fixed Price Fare via Credit Card

In addition to your fixed fare you can also pre-pay by credit card.

Whilst pre-paying by credit card through our secure payment system includes all the benefits of a fixed fare, it also includes-

  • Seamless ordering of a taxi
  • Tax Invoice/Receipt sent to you via email/sms.
  • Small bank processing fee of 5%
  • Further discounts may apply on your already discounted fixed price fare
  • No worrying about payment at the end of your trip

You can also used our advanced online fare calculator to get an approximate cost of a fixed price fare, bearing in mind that prices can vary slightly time of day and day of week.

Advanced Fare Calculator

So, simply call 13 1924 and speak to a Customer Service Agent and ask to pre-pay by Credit Card.